About Umoja Gold

Umoja Gold is a natural anti-ageing product that improves the health of people around the world, while improving the lives of people in Guatemala.

Our Purpose and Passion

Umoja Gold is a business where human impact comes first. We make all our decisions through this social lens, with a desire to benefit everyone who helps us bring this amazing oil to the world.  Our passion is to run a different kind of business that invests heavily in people before rewarding shareholders.


‘Umoja’ is a Swahili word that means ‘Unity’, and it perfectly captures what we stand for. We value sustainable environmental practices, commercial integrity, and the importance of human justice. These values are particularly important in Guatemala, a country that has suffered for decades from civil war and government corruption.

Pure and Natural

Umoja Gold is a pure oil that rejuvenates your face, body, and hair.  We press it from Guatemalan macadamia nuts without adding chemicals or fragrances. Macadamia nut oil contains an ingredient that’s abundant in young skin, and makes Umoja Gold a natural treasure that reduces the effects of ageing. (more)

25% of Every Sale Supports Maternal and Child Health

Guatemala has one of the worst rates of maternal and newborn mortality in Latin America, especially among rural, indigenous communities. In addition to the many preventable deaths, Guatemala has the fifth-highest rate of malnutrition and stunting in the world. Umoja Gold is directly involved with health and education programs that aim to improve these statistics. We give back 25% of every sale to make sure mothers and their babies survive childbirth and thrive for a lifetime. (more)


Trade Practices

The oil is pressed, filtered, and bottled on location in Guatemala, so the labour and revenue stays in the country. We create jobs and income for local families, and we pay fair prices and wages to our suppliers and employees.

Reusable Bottle

Umoja Gold comes in a premium airless pump bottle, which minimises oxidation and increases the shelf life of the oil. When your bottle is empty, peel off the label, rinse the bottle and lid with warm, soapy water, and re-fill with other thick liquids.

Nothing’s Wasted

After the oil is pressed out of the macadamia nuts, a high protein solid remains. The solids are currently being used as a supplement in livestock feed; our long-term plan is to develop a tasty, nutritious protein bar for malnourished children.

Handmade Bag

Each bottle is tucked inside a beautiful bag that’s made from local handwoven fabric, and handcrafted by women in a vocational programme at a prison in Guatemala. The programme gives the women a chance to use their skills to earn income and support their children while serving out their terms.