UMOJA GOLD – Nature’s Anti-ageing Oil

Article published by “Village Connect” magazine UK, March-April 2017

Read here or below: Village Connect Magazine UK, Mar.-Apr. 2017

“Following a trip to Guatemala in 2016, Wadenhoe resident, Nicola Guise, joined forces with David Marshall and Geoff Weinstein from Canada, and Ingrid Figueroa from Guatemala to establish Umoja Gold UK Ltd.

The team wanted to bring macadamia oil to the market with the vision of sharing this wonder oil but also benefiting the people of Guatemala. The statistics on preventable maternal and child deaths are alarming, and a group of doctors out there are establishing an education and nutrition programme to reduce the fatalities in the remote rural areas. 25% of the cost price of the Umoja Gold oil will go to support this project.

The team are optimistic that other companies may follow their lead in their business model. Umoja Gold is not available to buy in shops as the business team did not want to forfeit the margins that will allow them to give back generously to Guatemala.

Currently you can only buy the oil online; the website is most informative both on the product itself and the cause it is supporting. The oil arrives in a beautiful artisan fabric bag handcrafted by women in a Guatemalan prison supporting their children outside, extending the social reach.

Umoja Gold is pure macadamia nut oil with anti-ageing properties as it contains the plumping ingredient that you have in your skin oil as a child but you lose as you get older. The oil is extremely versatile and can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, hair and nail conditioner, shaving oil, after sun lotion, soother for irritated skin such as eczema and psoriasis, and even helps reduce scarring and stretch marks. It contains no chemicals or additives – just pure goodness. You could even eat it!”