The skincare market can be overwhelming and confusing. Many companies push daily regimens with four or five steps that need to be completed both morning and night. These complex systems require a big investment of time, money, and space in your cabinet for the many products. And in many cases, the products don’t deliver what the marketers promised.

Simplify with Macadamia Oil

If you’re feeling a need to simplify, you should consider switching to a product that serves multiple functions. More and more, people are discovering the joy of macadamia nut oil to provide this versatility. It’s an amazing moisturiser that works for all skin types, which means that it can serve the skin care needs of everyone in your family.

Unbelievable Versatility

In addition to being an amazing facial moisturiser, you can use macadamia oil all over your body, literally from head to toe. It’s also used to remove makeup, condition dry hair, soften hard cuticles, and reduce inflammation, especially from sunburn. You can even use it to get a smooth, frictionless shave.

Throw Out the Old

Imagine what it would be like to scale back the number of products in your household. Think of everyone in your family, and all the moisturisers, creams, lotions, balms, and gels you buy every month. Tap into the versatility of macadamia oil to reduce your spending and streamline your routine. Think about how much easier it will be to pack for travel, too!

Umoja Gold is Your Go-To Product

Umoja Gold is a new macadamia nut oil from Guatemala. It’s pure and natural, with no added chemicals or fragrances. Check out our website and learn how Umoja Gold also supports a very worthy cause in Guatemala.